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General Fabrication & Welding

Zedtec Engineering Services Toowoomba specialise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of sheet metal components made from steel, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Our core business is producing precision sheet metal components for a broad cross section of industries such as the mining, agriculture, electronics, aeronautical, automotive and medical industries. We also produce unique, custom made structural and fabricated parts for the mining and construction industries as well as other business sectors throughout Queensland and Australia.

Sheet Metal manufacturing and fabrication services -


We work with the most up to date Solid Works CAD design software which makes for a seamless transition from our customers’ ideas through to manufacturing and production



We use the most advanced multi-axis press brakes which reduce component setup time offering significant improvements in our efficiencies.


Wherever metals come into contact with each other contact stresses and friction occur. Both these conditions regulate and reduce the performance and compromise the design of the component.

Superfinishing  - often called ISFP or CASF (Chemically Accelerated Surface Finishing) is a means of regaining those losses by producing a superfine finish where it is most needed - at the point of contact.


The benefits are greatest with high contact stress applications and high fatigue life requirements. It is particularly beneficial in 

mating gear applications where it is proven to reduce contact stresses but also to reduce individual tooth bending which is key to maintaining good fatigue life with a resultant reduced operating temperature.

Whilst it is known that reduced operating temperatures are an indication of increased performance the secondary benefit is that there is less heat to dissipate and as such the specific cooling cross section or cooling flow rate can be reduced which all compliment efficiency and performance.


Note: This process does NOT affect the integrity of the parts either structurally or dimensionally and any very sensitive bearing areas etc. can be effectively masked if required prior to superfinishing.


We have the capability of guillotining sheet metal up to 6mm in thickness (mild steel or equivalent) and 6 metres in length. Utilising CNC backstops we have the capability of cutting repetition work in the thousands of, or small one off jobs to the highest degree of accuracy and consistency.

Screen Shot 2015 05 30 at 2.06.32 pmCMT WELDING SERVICE

This modern joining method satisfies increasingly stringent demands,. some of the most important of which are process stability, reproducibility and cost-effectiveness.

The bundling together of specific material properties opens up a number of interesting possibilities. Material compounds impart to a component or product the desirable properties of the constituent materials.

Previously, such results could only be achieved by mechanical means or by bonding. Of much greater interest, however, is the ability to use heat to join materials with differing properties. The main focus in this respect is on the joining of steel and aluminium, as this will be of particular interest to the automotive sector, where it could spawn a whole range of previously undreamt of innovations. TIG / MIG WELDING


Our latest model Hydraulic Rollers perfectly roll thin sheet metal to heavy plate  up to 1500mm X 3mm material. Our Pipe Benders bend from ½ inch up 2 inch diameter material.


We provide all the necessary finishing services to provide a first class end product with superb Anodizing, Powder Coating and Laser Engraving capabilities.


We understand that packaging and delivery is an important step in our process. We take great pride in making sure that your order is delivered undamaged and on time.