Enviro Water Saver

In an average home, 10% of household water usage can be saved automatically, for very little outlay and with absolutely no ongoing extra power costs, for the entire lifetime of the dwelling, with the amazing Enviro Save Water System.

This system, which featured as a judges' and people's choice winner on the ABC’s New Inventors program, and was named by the show’s host, James O’Loghlin as his favourite, and most worthwhile invention of the year, automatically diverts the water which has cooled in the hot water pipes and sends it back into the cold water line, rainwater tank, or other storage tank, instead of otherwise flowing down the drain.

How it works

howitworks420With the Enviro Save Water System, every time you turn on a hot tap, water in the hot water line passes through the thermal valve. The initial flow of water, which has cooled in the lines, is diverted back into the cold water lines and stored (either in a pressure tank [System A] or a rainwater or other suitable container [System B]) for reuse. When water arrives at the correct temperature the thermal valve switches, directing the hot water immediately to the spout or shower rose. The first drop of hot water out is at the right temperature, and the cooled water is automatically saved. 

System A: (Shown with two taps assembly)
Saves cold water within system.

System B: (Shown with ‘flick mix’ assembly)
Saves cold water to a rainwater tank or other suitable container.

Note: Both systems (A and B) are suitable for use with either two-tap or flick-mix tap assemblies.

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Installation instructions

This is a two-page Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) file. To open it you will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application or similar installed on your system.

Support Info

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