Epilog FiberMark Laser Series

The FiberMark Metal Engraving and Plastic Marking Laser Systems
Fibermark Laser Technology

Ytterbium Fiber Laser, Air Cooled, 1062 nm, from 10 to 50 watts.

Marking and Engraving Materials:

Most metals and plastics including: stainless steel, aluminum, black/white ABS, carbon fiber, polycarbonate, anodized aluminum, white PEEK, silicon wafers, coloured delrin, magnesium, and much more.

Features: Benefits of a Fiber Laser System

The FiberMark Laser Series is truly a unique product in the metal and plastic marking industry. The combination of flying-optic design and the highest quality engraving results provide a one-of-a-kind solution for your metal marking and engraving needs.High-Speed Parts Marking Over a Larger Work Area
Flying-optic beam delivery system provides a larger work area than in traditional metal marking systems.

LaserOpen Architecture Software Interface

Send projects to the laser through a simple print driver, allowing you to use the software you choose.

Non-Contact Marking: No Bits Needed

No need to brace parts or replace expensive engraving bits or tools.

Etch, Polish and Anneal with One System

Create multiple marks that fit your needs with easy-to-use settings.

High Volume, Multi-Piece Marking

Easy-access, drop-down door allows for easy access to the engraving table.

Mark and Etch a Wide Variety of Materials

Etch almost any metal and mark many engineered plastics.